On this page you can find a small selection of the many projects we have been commissioned to carry out over the years. If you have any questions about these, or possible future projects, feel free to contact us!

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Crane Repair at Europoort, Rotterdam

We got a call about a disfunctional locking system causing a grab to fly through a crane. Luckily we were able to repair everything.

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Cable Drum Replacement in Haarlem

Unfortunately, (almost) all good things come to a point at which they must be replaced. This cable drum in a concrete plant in Haarlem as well.

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Overhauling Gearbox at Europoort, Rotterdam

It seemed as if the axis of this gearbox had to be replaced, which is a far from cheap operation. Luckily, we were able to fix the worn out axis.

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Overhauling a Boogie in Oss

Every set of wheels has to be replaced at some point. We got to replace an old wheel set at a container terminal in Oss.

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Overhauling Boogies in Rotterdam

Not only did we have to replace several wheel sets at a plant transshipment, we also had to recast the wheels! 

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Overhauling Luffing System of a Lemniscaat

We overhauled the luffing system of a lemniscate crane. Among other things. we rotated the worn out gear so that its teeth are sharp again.

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